DIDO for Banking (3rd Annual)

Digital Identity and Digital Onboarding

calander 20th-21st October, 2022

calander Amsterdam, Netherlands

150+ Attendees

16+ Speakers

Event Description

The relationship between banks and customers is rapidly and drastically changing. We are moving from a world where clients visit their local bank offices to a digital world: with internet banking and mobile applications, much of the face-to-face contact has disappeared. After all, banks have the ambition to provide a fully digital workflow, both from a customer service and a cost perspective.

Moreover, customers have evolved and put banks and financial institutions at higher standards than ever and expect premium digital experiences. This builds a lot of pressure on financial institutions to come up with client onboarding processes that can fulfil customers’ expectations.

But how can banks adapt to the new reality of the digital era while maintaining cost-efficiency? 

To help you stay on top of the cut-throat competition, we are happy to announce our 3rd annual edition of the Digital Identity and Digital Onboarding for Banking conference. Join us this October to connect with the leading industry experts and elevate your digital identity and client onboarding practices to the next level.

Our focus will be on:

  • Best-practice in digital identity verification processes
  • Humans’ vs AI: A focus on the digital onboarding process optimization
  • Successful implementation of effective AML and Anti-Fraud strategies
  • Providing the best CX in the era of digital banking
  • The importance of the post-onboarding journey and continuous customer service
  • Implementing cutting-edge technologies for digital identity and digital onboarding


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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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3rd Annual DIDO 2022 for Banking Digital Identity and Digital
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