Global Supply Chain Finance 2021

We would like to welcome you to the virtual Supply Chain Finance Conference organized by Avlante Group on 16th-17th September. This meeting will serve as a global platform to exchange insights and visions on the cutting-edge developments and challenges in the supply chain procedures. Over 100 top trade and supply chain finance professionals are expected to attend the event. This conference will provide a unique opportunity to learn from experienced corporations and bankers about their visions and strategies in the new area of supply chain finance.

Participants will be able to gain valuable knowledge from in-depth panel discussions and keynote speakers. This meeting will also be a relevant platform for informal exchange among the fellow delegates and experts to share ideas and experiences and networking opportunities.

With keynote addresses from, amongst others, The WTO, the Virtual Summit will focus on offering practical ways for banks and corporations to concentrate on harnessing the benefits of digitization for a more effective and transparent use of technology and data and a more streamlined approach to traditional business models.

During the summit, topics will cover several aspects that lead to successful supply chain finance transformation and to find solutions for a better tomorrow.

Our focus will be on:

  1. Blockchain use in Supply Chain Finance
  2. Solutions of cash flow in the age of economic crisis
  3. Challenges and opportunities in the trade finance industry
  4. Use of artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Finance industry
  5. Digitizing Global Trade and Supply Chain Finance
  6. Role of Supply Chain in Strategic revenue management

Event Details