Pre-event webinar: Future of PVC Compounding, Production & Recycling 2nd Annual

Join us this November for a 2-hours pre-event webinar to learn from the leading PVC compounding experts. The free webinar is a sneak preview of our 2nd edition of the Future of PVC Compounding, Production & Recycling conference which will take place in person in February 2023. The industry leaders will outline the greatest challenges and will propose potential solutions to ensure sustainable and cost-efficient PVC formulation to boost your profitability and production process. Join us to advance further!


Identifying and successfully overcoming challenges in PVC compounding:

  • Striving towards increased sustainability: A focus on the latest developments in bio-based PVC compounds
  • How can we achieve a lower carbon footprint and minimize energy consumption?
  • A focus on raw materials availability: Addressing shortage of ingredients and rising prices
  • Analyzing the greatest challenges in the supply chain: How can we prepare for future disruptions?

(In-person conference on PVC Compounding, Production & Recycling will take place on 2-3 March 2023)

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