Future of PVC,

Compounding, Production & Recycling

calander 24th-25th February, 2021

calander Virtual Event

150+ Attendees

16+ Speakers

Event Description

We are happy to announce our Future of PVC Production, Compounding & Recycling Forum that will take place 24-25th February 2022. Discover with us the latest global trends in PVC production, compounding, and recycling.

With the current disruption to supply chain, industry demand, and working patterns, the whole PVC industry has never before had more reason to (this time virtually) meet than it does now.

Alongside with current industry challenges over the two days, we will also focus on the latest developments in bio-based PVC compounds, we will be discussing why PVC prices continuously increasing and how really transparent it is. We will focus on a more sustainable way of making PVC and discuss main challenges with PVC recycling.

Avlante group is looking forward to welcoming all delegates to engage with us online through a fully interactive virtual conference experience. Let’s take advantage of the situation and let’s be prepared for the future together.

Our focus will be on:

  • Present and future insights into the PVC market
  • Why are PVC prices continuously increasing? A focus PVC prices transparency
  • An overview of the recent developments in plasticizers
  • Adapting to climate change: How producers/ compounders need to react to constantly rising temperature
  • Developing and improving fire retardancy and safety
  • The latest development of bio-based PVC compounds
  • Ensuring compliance with current and future regulatory requirements



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Future of PVC Production, Compounding & Recycling
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