The Future of Pharma Packaging Industry

Hybrid Event

calander 19th-20th January, 2023

calander Berlin Germany

150+ Attendees

16+ Speakers

Event Description

Packaging plays an essential role in the pharmaceutical industry. It preserves, protects, and ensures the delivery of a safe and efficacious drug product. Although its purpose is clearly defined, pharma packaging involves many processes and operations from the moment of its development until the eventual distribution to the customers. Innovations, challenges, and continually strive towards improvement follow every step of the way, opening endless possibilities for the future of pharma packaging. Would you like to take part in creating it?

Join us this January in Berlin to meet the leading pharmaceutical packaging experts and tackle the most pressing issues. Get a unique chance to share outlooks toward the future and stay on top of the competition. From the manufacturing process to the supply chain, – The Future of Pharma Packaging will focus on the complexity of pharmaceutical packaging from A to Z.

During the two days of the forum we will focus on:

  • The role of sustainability in the future of pharma packaging
  • Prospects for the supply chain and the availability of the materials
  • A focus on Track & Trace and the battle against counterfeiting
  • Analyzing the potential of new packaging materials
  • Excellence in patient-centricity and safety
  • Best practices in pharma packaging and labeling quality control
  • A focus on recycling and its implications for pharma packaging
  • Ensuring continuous compliance with regulatory changes



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The Future of Pharma Packaging Industry
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