Data Protection,Privacy

and Artificial Intelligence

calander February 5, 2021


150+ Attendees

16+ Speakers

Event Description

We are excited to announce our virtual conference on Data Protection and Privacy. The focus is on Data Protection, Privacy and Artificial Intelligence, paving the way for a detailed discussion on a broad range of ethical, legal and policy issues related to new technologies and data analytics. We will be discussing all the latest development in legal, regulatory, academics and technological departments of data protection and privacy. The diverse line of speakers are coming from companies such as Deloitte, BMW, TomTom, Deutsche bank, Nestle, making it one of the leading data protection and privacy conference in Europe and around the world.

It is a cross industry event. The speakers and participants will be addressing current topics in the areas of information technology, privacy and data protection, some examples being panels on AI and Healthcare, Autonomous vehicles, AI-based sentiment analysis, deepfakes, digital evidence, AI for crime prevention. It is also an extraordinary networking opportunity to mix and mingle with the privacy and data protection community.

This event will bring together privacy professionals, compliance officers, and other industry experts to discuss solutions for maintaining data privacy and adapting to new technologies. Leading professionals from global brands will be attending to share their experiences and discuss the latest trends in privacy and data protection.

Our Focus will be on :

  • Privacy and Ethics by Design in AI systems
  • Trustworthy AI: Assuring Algorithms from a privacy and ethical standpoint
  • Blockchain and Data Protection
  • Privacy by Design
  • AI in the connected car: A Journey along ethics and privacy
  • E-Privacy Regulation
  • Privacy Engineering
  • Privacy in the Era of Emerging Technologies
  • Driving Organizational Change and Data Protection Awareness
  • European AI Strategies, Investing in Data, Skills, R&D, and Amending the GDPR



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Data Protection,Privacy and Artificial Intelligence
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